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Replacement Steam Cover for SS6062



Replacement Steam Cover for SS6062

  • This pressure cooker MY-SS6062 can be used in two modes: with the lid firmly closed or with the lid open: it can be used as the hot pot or you can choose “saute” menu to brown or fry food.
  • 14 menu choices which meet your daily requirements are provided for you.It can be used in steaming, boiling, stewing, slow cook, yogurt etc.
  • 24-hour Delay Timer for flexible meal planning.Setting a procedure of booking before you go to work, the hot soup can be drink when you go home.
  • You can choose 3 different taste degrees´╝Ü rare (light), medium (standard) and well done (strong) by adjusting “Texture” button.
  • The inner which is made of 304 stainless steel, passing UL and ULC certification, can make food healthier.We also presenting spoon, measuring cup, steamer rack.


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