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A Energy

“A” energy rated appliances consume small amounts of electricity, which result in reducing electricity bills and benefiting the environment. All Defy air-conditioning units are “A” energy rated.


Antibacterial Filter

Helps emit clean and healthy air so that it benefits consumers with respiratory ailments.


Due to seasonal weather the outdoor split unit is manufactured from galvanized powder coated steel to prevent rust and last longer. (Split only)


Dehumidifying Function

Dehumidifies when cooling is not required.

Sleep Mode

When in cooling/drying mode: After 1 hour of operation the set temperature will increase by 1°c. One hour later, the set temperature will increase by another 1°c. The air conditioner will then continue operating at 2°c above the set temperature. When in heating mode: After 1 hour of operation the set temperature will decrease by 2°c. One hour later, the set temperature will decrease by another 2°c. The unit will then continue operating at 4°c below the set temperature.

Invertor Midwall Split Air Conditioner

Available in pearl white

  • 18 000 Btu/h
    • A Energy efficiency cooling
    • Superior energy saving model
    • R410A Gas
    • Heat pump
    • Rotary compressor
    • Anti-corrosion (outdoor unit)
    • Antibacterial filter
    • Digital display
    • Jet cool
    • Auto restart function
    • Sleep mode
    • Dehumidifying



Model Number AHI18H1P / ACI18H1P


Cooling capacity (Btu/h)           18000

Cooling capacity (W)    5275

Heating capacity (Btu/h)           18700

Heating capacity (W)    5500


Anti-corrosion (Outdoor unit)   YES

Dehumidifying function YES

Automatic temperature control YES

Filters  Anti-bacterial

Sleep mode     YES

Refrigerant      R410a

Compressor type         Rotary

Unit colour       White


Noise level – Indoor unit (dBA) 30-38

Packed Weight (kg)     10

Packed dimension (WxHxD) mm          833 X 330 X 278


Noise level – outdoor unit (dBA)           55

Packed Weight (kg)     45

Packed Dimensions (WxHxD) mm        983 X 377 X 300


Energy level-cooling    A

Energy level-heating    A

Air flow volume (m3/h) 850


Remote control LCD

Connection copper pipe length 4

Communication cable length    4.5

Power cable lenght      2

Water draining pipe length       0.45


Wall mounting screw & bolts    YES

Additional draining hose           YES

Bandage tape  YES

Anti-vibration rubber feet         YES

Wall hole plastic cover YES

Outdoor drainage nut   YES

Copper pipe unit          YES


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